community performers

Mu Stamp

rooted in immigrant and refugee experiences

Dohee Lee’s process empowers community members to tell their personal journey stories. For historical and cultural reasons, most of these community members have never been free to express themselves publicly. Dohee leads participants on a path of self-expression and empowerment. By breaking the silence and creatively confronting memories of shame and fear, the process of healing can begin.

For Dohee’s work, community engagement is the process of creation. The two concepts are inextricably intermeshed. Performance rituals are created through extended engagements with community members with the specific purpose of harmonizing with nature, land, and spirit, connecting humans to the universal.

MU/巫 is developing through a series of five community seasonal rituals. Each ritual will develop over four months of weekend and evening workshops from 2018-2019. Rituals will contain traditional songs and dances from the cultures of the community groups, collaborative group compositions between Dohee and community groups, and Dohee’s original compositions.
Bay Area Bhutanese Youth
Peralta Hacienda park groups
Photography by Scott Tsuchitani and Eugene Kim