Mu Stamp
Dohee Lee as Mago crow

90-minute shamanic storytelling theatrical experience, where ancestral traditions are transmuted through mesmerizing dance, singing, drumming, electronic soundscapes.

2018 Guggenheim fellow, Dohee Lee transforms into nine goddesses from past, present and future, leading audiences on a mythological adventure across continents, seas, indigenous resistance and a womanʼs earthly journey.

Dohee Lee as Mago crow
Site-Specific Seasonal Rituals

Site-specific durational performance installations combine elements of shamanic ritual performance and audience participation. Ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces in museums, galleries, universities, performance and public spaces of all sizes. Rituals are developed based on the history of the land and the specific needs of local communities in each location.

Dohee Lee as Mago crow
Singing Body WorkshopS

Through breath and rhythm, we tune our body instrument and free our voice. Explore sound and movement through Dohee Leeʼs expansive range of techniques to create a mystical and universal language. This workshop expands participantsʼvocabularies with feelings, energies, memories and stories to create new art. Workshops can be designed as single-day or multi-day; for general public and/or professional arts/healing practitioners.

Please contact Dohee Lee to discuss booking opportunities.