Bay Area Bhutanese Youth

The Storytellers,
Bay Area Bhutanese Youth Group History

The performers are Bhutanese-Nepali youth. They belong to an ethnic minority group in Bhutan. They had been living there for generations, and they called Bhutan their home.

When Bhutan's King declared "One Nation, One People" policy on January 6th, 1989, thousands of ethnically Nepali people were forced to flee their home. People were dehumanized, tortured, and even killed. Many families were separated. Some of the performers were born in Bhutan and some in the refugee camps. They were not allowed to call neither Nepal nor Bhutan their home. After living in 7 different refugee camps in Nepal for 15+ years, they finally were resettled in the U.S. and many other countries throughout the world.

Their work is centered on the belief that sharing their stories connects them to their roots with the hope of creating a new home through community.
Photography by Pak Han, Scott Tsuchitani, Eugene Kim