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Dohee Lee’s Online SingingBody/Ritual


will continue in July

Big, Small group or Private session


• Intention building
• Learning how to create the art and performance
• Finding/Deepening personal roots growing with ritual and consultant
• Coaching personal foundation building as performer and teacher
• Cultivating own creative practice into art process
• Finding own voice
• Learning rhythms

Dohee Lee is a performance artist, ritualist and educator whose work is in creating ritual performances in healing aspect. She passionately believes by practicing and performing art we can commune and heal with people and spirits to express and share our thoughts and ideas on vital issues such as identity, politics, land, nature and spirituality.

Pulling from Dohee’s practice in Korean indigenous practice and ritual performance, this workshop focuses on techniques to connect voice, body and spirit. Through breath and rhythm, we tune our body instrument and free our voices to explore sounds, songs and movement.

Explore sound through Dohee Lee's expansive range of vocal techniques along with Rhythms to create a mystical and universal language. This workshop expands participants' vocabularies with feelings, energies, memories and stories from Current to the past ancestry time to merge together and create a new art.

SingingBody Workshop

We tune our body as instrument to free and find our true voice.
Exploration of body parts movement through expansive range of breath, rhythms, sound and singing, it connects to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience and discovery and guide to bridge to the life, land, nature, story and history into our body.

This workshop expands participants’ vocabularies with feelings, emotions, movement, energies, memories and stories to create new art.

• Breath work
• Voice and Sound work
• Rhythmic work

Ritual Performance

As Dohee Lee’s background on her art, her work is in creating new ritual, which deeply influenced by her training of Korean traditional dance and music, which deeply rooted in indigenous practice in Korea. Her art practice and performance profoundly generated her teaching methodology “Ritual.”

• Personal alter building and research on their own root
• Intention building
• Scoring process with RSVP (Lawrence and Anna Halprin’s method)
• Environment Work

Dohee Lee (Artistic Director/performer/ritualist/educator) was born on Jeju Island in South Korea. She learned Korean dance, Korean percussion, and vocals rooted in Korean indigenous practice such Shamanism. Her art now focuses on integrating these traditional ritual forms with contemporary elements. Her recent awards, Guggenheim Fellowship, Hewlett Foundation, Doris Duke Impact Award, Creative Capital and Herb Alpert Award. Her works emphasize the mythical, experimental, ritualistic, theatrical, historical and healing aspects of music, dance and installation, sharing thoughts and ideas on vital issues such identity, politics, nature and spirituality.

Big Group (no limits on #)
• 1 hour session for 4 weeks : Each session: $15-30 Sliding scale

Small group (4-10)
• 2 hours (Per hour $50) session for 4 weeks: Each session: $100

Private (One on One)
• 2 hours (Per Hour $100) for 4 weeks : Each session: $200

Dohee Lee’s Online SingingBody/Ritual