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Planetary Dance


Planned for July 2020. Check back for updates!

Anna Halprin's Planetary Dance Ritual

Excerpt from Anna Halprin: 

Planetary Dance

"Originally created in response to the local community’s wish to reclaim Mount Tamalpais from the threat of a serial killer, this participatory ritual has evolved into a worldwide dance for peace among peoples and peace with the Earth. It is open to people of all ages and abilities. Each year a special theme is chosen, highlighting a community concern. Moving to the musicians’ steady beat, participants run or walk in concentric circles, creating a moving mandala. Every step becomes a call for peace. “When enough people move together in a common pulse with a common purpose,” Anna says, “an amazing force takes over—a power that can renew, inspire, and heal.” The Planetary Dance is held yearly in the Bay Area and has also been celebrated in more than 50 countries on every continent except Antarctica."

Photos below by Jamie Lyons of Dohee Lee leading a previous rehearsal of the Planetary Dance, beside Anna Halprin, at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Planetary Dance