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7pm Fri. July 14 - 7pm July 23, 2023

Puri Arts Ritual for Sickness

Mexico Location TBA

About this ritual, from its February 2023 world premiere in NYC:

Dohee Lee Reimagines a Korean Ritual to Heal

“I was born on this island of conflict, where beauty and trauma collide,” sings Dohee Lee referring to her native Jeju Island off the coast of South Korea. With sung narrative, she invites the presence of her Korean ancestors and the ancestral land itself for her world premiere of “Chilseong Saenamgut (Duringut): Ritual for Sickness.” Wearing a white cotton robe layered with strips of white paper and a white turban, she rings the shaman’s bell and opens her arms welcoming the audience members at Gibney Center in New York City (February 23-25) to heal along with her in a potent adaptation of a Korean healing ritual.
— Excerpt from Fjord Review's article

Mexico Tour