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CoSA Steilneset Closing Ritual

LATERNA Steilneset, Minnested Vardø, Norway

June 24, 2019

From the Facebook Event listing: 

"Listening to the landscape as a 14-day ritual, 8 artists gather, asking our selves what we can learn from history, if it is possible to befriend a landscape? Can we create healing in this place, where so many people, on false premises, had to give their lives? On this loaded piece of land, may we, as visitors, invite something new? In relation to history, the cruelty and injustice, gather people in this place, with a new intention; Together reclaiming our bond to nature and to healing forces.

Come join us on June 24th! We share our dialogue with Steilneset as a closing ritual, share some brew made on local herbs, and hope that everyone wants to come, share thoughts and stories, and hang out for a while. The event is open to all!

With: Camilla Wexels Riser, Dohee Lee, Geir Hytten, Inger-Reidun Olsen, Keith Hennessy, Marianne Skjeldal, Lisa Jeannin, Rolf Schuurmans, Liv Helene Willumsen

Collaborators: Varanger Museum, Nasjonale Turistveger.
The project is initiated and produced by LATERNA // Inger-Reidun Olsen and Marianne Skjeldal as part of CoSA - Concerning the Spiritual in Art (2018-2020)
Supported by: Norwegian Arts Council and The Audio and Visual Fund
Event Location Foto: © Fredrik Fløgstad / Statens Vegvesen

Steilneset Memorial is part of the National Tourist Routes; the memorial commemorates the victims of the witchcraft processes in Finnmark in the 17th century, in which 91 persons were executed. The history is conveyed through excerpts from the original judicial protocols, and art and architecture on an international scale, the result of a unique collaboration between the artist Louise Bourgeouis and the architect Peter Zumthor. The memorial is part of the Steilneset Culture Path that encompasses large parts of the city’s history."

Photos below of Dohee Lee in the Closing Ritual by Camilla Wexels Riser, and of the flaming chair from Harald Wesenberg in the Facebook event gallery.

CoSA Steilneset Closing Ritual