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Album story "SoRi"

I have been thinking a lot about how I can create the sound in
various, unique and spiritual way that can also be rooted at
cultural background like my study of Korean traditional music
which has influenced shamanic music. When I brought up this
ideas to Tatsu, we have been very interested in collaborating this project in many different aspects like cultural, historical and musical backfround in the United States.

As we could share these thoughts with AIR, AIR generously
gave me a great opportunity to make it happen. Therefore,
I could bring up this album as a examinatiion of the sound, so I
could name this album as "SoRi" which means Sound.

All the sounds that you can hear from this album are composed and arranged by Dohee and Tatsu and pieces are based on Korean traditional folk music like folk song "Parangse", pansori "Simchung" and Japanese fold music and others with Korean Instruments, Kwaengwari set, Taepyungso, Buk set, Janggo and several goings with Upright bass, Japanese instruments Shamisen and Taiko drum in different way.

SoRi is not only from our sound that we play but it also from
space's sound which has silence sound that we try to give more spaces for the spirit. Especially creating this work with Tatsu Aoki is very significant because he has been doing his unique arts work for well, can not count how long he has been doing this incredible work, and he always supports younger artists who is like me in many different ways. In this project, he was like the oil that make me fire and he was like the breeze to give me space to create work. This album to me is like Journey of sound from the heaven to earth and human being to not human being that can appear and disappear.


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Seasonal Rituals
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