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Concept / Direction
Dohee Lee

Music Composition / Performance
Dohee Lee, Adria Otte, Tatsu Aoki

Dohee Lee

Visual Projection
David Szlasa

Tatsu Aoki

Set Design
Ellen Bepp, IO Sunwoo

Light Design
Jose Maria Francos

Photography / Videography
Jason Lew

GaNaDa is a part of working progress of Mago project it addresses the relationship
between the myth of Goddess Mago and the real life destiny of the protagonist Mong.

“GaNADa” is similar to “ABC” in Korean. However, each letter is selected for a
certain meaning in this piece: “Ga=go” “NA= myself” “Da=everything”.
So GaNADa means “Let all myself go” – in this piece, discovering one’s destiny and
path through the invisible strings of Goddess Mago.

This journey begins with Mong questioning her life and uncovering the relationship
between her and Mago.


GaNaDa, Counter Pulse, 2011

GaNaDa, E-Side Cultural Center, March & October, 2011

The Feast of Death, Eastside Cultural Center, 2011
A ritual to let go of myself, through death the meaning of life is earned, fulfilled, and
in full circle I stand before myself through that celebration of death.

GaNaDa, SOMArts, May 2012

MAGO, SOMArts, May 2012
The myth of the Korean creator goddess Mago,
Knitting a peach with her hair to the world.

GaNaDa, Asian Art Museum, 2012

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All Images Copyright © Dohee Lee, All Rights Reserved