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Awarded by 24th Isadora Duncun Dance Speical Award
for Outstanding out reach of whole production and
all musicians nominated by sound / music / text.

Concept / Direction / Choreography / Compostion
Dohee Lee

Commissioned by
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Produced by
Asian Improve Arts

Tatsu Aoki, Francis Wong, Jason Lewis
Jonathan Chen, Dohee Lee & Korean drumming group
(Korean Youth Cultural Center & Jamaesori)

Choreograpy / Performance
Sherwood Chen, Dohee Lee

Tatsu Aoki

Set & Light Design
Jose Maria Francos

Images & Projection
Thomas Wong

Korean Film Credit
Deann Borshay Liem

Costume Design
Doyoug Lee, Johnny Kim

Photography / Videography
Jason Lew

How can life be changed or healed?
Local innovator Dohee Lee explores these questions in FLUX, a
a bold, beautiful new work about finding one’s way in life. “Flux”
means “continuous change or movement” like our daily lives which
change and flow endlessly. Embodying the presence of history, nature
and life as they are reflected through I-Ching (Book of Changes),
pursues the inspiration and lessons taught from Chinese philosophy
philosophy that delve into personal challenges of choice and action in
this ever-changing chaotic world.

The I-Ching has been influential in China for three thousand years.
For the Korean-born Lee, this ancient text is a map: a structurally
dazzling work that attempts to illuminate the order in life’s apparent
chaos. Borrowing from the book’s symbolic system, Lee maps out
the 64 symbolic hexagrams with light design, visual imagery, sound
and movement. The result is an evocative piece integrating traditonal
Korean performance, dance, experimental music, movement and film,
capturing elements that make poetic chaos emerge as beautiful

Our journey is flowing endlessly....boundlessly to reach our peaceful


FLUX, YBCA Premeire, 2008

Interview with Dohee Lee, YBCA, 2008

FLUX, film by Tatsu Aoki

FLUX, Poland, 2010

FLUX, Chicago Contemporary Art Museum, 2010

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(Seasonal Ritual)
All Images Copyright © Dohee Lee, All Rights Reserved