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Concept / Direction
Dohee Lee


Bay Area Bhutanese Youth (B.A.B.Y.)


ARA – Waterways Time Weaves (on going project)
It is Continuous project from previous Creative Capital’s project “MAGO”

ARA: Waterways Time Weaves. The format of the work will be a dance/theater piece. The style will be participatory ritual performance bringing together elements of Korean shamanism, contemporary dance, music with acoustic and electronic elements, and visual elements. The thematic resources of this work will be inspired by the ARA myth. ARA is the goddess of tears. Her name has various meanings including “ocean” and “eye.” Her tears flow down and become rivers and oceans. They drift up and become stars shining in the Milky Way. Each one memorializes a story evoking sadness, love, desperation, and hope. The main visual resources of the piece will be how people see the stars and how water flows. With this as our starting inspiration, we will use collective stories and community participation to shape the workshops and create material for the world-premiere ARA performances.

The development of ARA will consist of collaboration with community workshop performances leading to the world premiere at the new CounterPulse in Fall, 2016 and other places. Workshops are the key to this project and will combine movement exploration with drawing, poem and singing. Workshop inquiry will explore how home connects to physical body, land and ocean and how that creates belief systems. In order to know this, we have to follow the waterways through our ancestral lineage to research what has happened to that land, nature, and people. What stories, myth and rituals have been created? Where have we come from and what remains? Workshop activities will be documented and the material generated will inform the group choreography, music and the visual installation (projections) for the final piece.


All Images Copyright © Dohee Lee, All Rights Reserved