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Seasonal Rituals

Seasonal Rituals

Concept / Direction
Dohee Lee

Pak Han

Steven Sanchez, Jason Ditzian


Site-specific durational performance installations combining aspects of shamanic ritual performance and audience participation. Ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces in museums, galleries, universities and performance spaces of all sizes.

The seasonal pieces aim to bring ritual into city life – urgently needed when nature and human
become so disconnected.


Past Rituals:

Summer: Invited Ritual
Saturday, July 20, 2013, 4-6pm / YBCA Grand Lobby
Drawing on her background of Korean traditional music and dance, shamanic roots, and contemporary
art forms, Lee has created a newritual for the urban environment that is meant to heal the relationship
between man and nature. This ritual is meant to evoke the regenerative power of the ocean as the
energizing force behind life and the cycle of rebirth.

Winter: Mago
Saturday, Jan 18, 2014, 12-8pm / YBCA Front Door Gallery and Grand Lobby
"Winter Ritual" is the second installment in the MAGO seasonal performance cycle.

"Winter-Mago" offers five direction flags fortune singing - a dance and vocal form inspired by ancient
Korean myth and shamanic ritual. Audience is invited to watch all or part of the eight-hour performance
and /or enter into the ritual space to engage in private conversation and singing with Dohee Lee.

Your participation will help give form to the final project "MAGO" at YBCA in November 2014.

Instead of waiting or being passive, I wanted to do rituals in active ways. We are going out to public
places to help people and communities foster more of a sense of connection between themselves
and other beings. I strongly believe that collective hopes and dreams will empower our future together.


Spring: Ara
Sunday, May 4, 2014, 3-4:30pm / YBCA Grand Lobby
"Ara" is a Korean word whose various menaings include "Ocean" and "Eye" symbols of rebirth and
wisdom. This piece is meant to evoke the regenerative power of the ocean as the energizing force
behind life and the cycle of rebirth. Myths and rituals regarding the ocean are abundant where I grew
up, on Jeju Island in Korea. Jeju has a strong tradition of female free divers called "Haenyeo/Mermaids
of Jeju Island" as beautiful mermaid warriors and wise protectors the ocean.

We will offer the water ritual with participants from the workshops



All Images Copyright © Dohee Lee, All Rights Reserved