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MAGO: Invited Ritual, Asian Art Museum, August 2012

The Journey of Death, the journey one must take even in death while dead,
the procession of death, the order and laws inside of death,
and the path one must penetrate... From that path I am connected with another one.

Music by Dohee Lee / Performed by: Dohee Lee, Adria Otte, Suki O'Kane


MATCHA: Shamanism with Artist Dohee Lee, Asian Art Museum, August 2012



GaNaDa, SOMArts, May 2012

Music by Dohee Lee, Adria Otte / Dance by Dohee Lee / Video by Jason Lew



Mago, SOMArts, May 2012

The myth of the Korean creator goddess Mago, Knitting a peach with her hair to the world.
Music by Dohee Lee, Adria Otte / Dance by Dohee Lee / Video by Jason Lew


The Feast of Death, EastSide Cultural Center, 2011

A ritual to let go of myself, through death the meaning of life is earned, fulfilled, and
in full circle I stand before myself through
that celebration of death
Music by Dohee Lee, Adria Otte / Dance by Dohee Lee / Video by Jason Lew


GaNaDa, E-Side Cultrual Center, 2011

Music by Dohee Lee, Adria Otte / Video by Jason Lew


FLUX, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 2008

Interview with Dohee Lee

FLUX by Dohee Lee - film by Tatsu Aoki

24th Isadora Duncun Dance Award, FLUX awarded "Special Award" for Outstanding out reach of whole
production and all musicians nominated by sound / music / text.

Music by Tatsu Aoki, Francis Wong, Jason Lewis, Jonathan Chen, Dohee Lee
Dance by Sherwood Chen, Dohee Lee / Visual and Film by Thomas Wong, Tatsu Aoki, Deann Borshay
Lights and stage by Jose Maria Francos / Video by Jason Lew


SPoRa, EastSide Cultural Center, July 2010

An artist of unparalleled beauty, Korean musician Dohee Lee mesmerizes audiences around the world
through traditional traditional instruments, dance and voice.
In 2004 she created the Puri Project as a way to explore new art forms and collaborate with other artists.
Music by Dohee Lee, Hiroyuki Jimi Nakagawa, Van-Ahn Vanessa Vo / Video by Jason Lew

- MTC Three City Dash - Composition for ETHEL
Dohee Lee: Introduction
Dohee Lee:
Idea for Ethel
Dohee Lee:
About Ritual Performance
Dohee Lee:
Background in Music
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